This documentation is intended to take you through the entire process of how to participate in the MyRabbitFarm protocol to earn consistent high yields in a safe and secure manner


MyRabbitFarm builds upon the great work of, which created the first algorithmic token pegged to $FTM on the Fantom Opera network. With the promise of lucrative yields, numerous subsequent copy-cat forks have launched, many of which turning out to be low-quality, poorly-managed, and downright dangerous to participate in (i.e. rug-pulls; awful founder token allocation, etc.) As your fellow degen traders, we became increasingly frustrated with the lack of subsequent high-quality projects in this niche that could promise us those high yields that we all crave.
As full-stack blockchain engineers, we decided to launch our own protocol, building upon the progress made at while adding some enhancements that will not only improve yield generating opportunities but also promote fair and safe gameplay.


Our vision is to develop a NFT-based MetaVerse gaming ecosystem around the protocol
With MyRabbitFarm comes the continued expansion of our gaming ecosystem, initially brought to life by MyChickenFarm. Having already released utility NFTs and an NFT marketplace within the span of less than 1 month, we will now continue progressing towards our vision of creating an unified farming ecosystem with interconnected protocols and a highly functional free-market economy by launching MyRabbitFarm. As our algorithms are continuously refined, we will release innovative products including but not limited to NFTs with upgradable skills, consumable items, and a Play-to-Earn NFT-based fighting game, all the while providing tremendous yield generating opportunities.
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