Genesis Pools

Deposit tokens into the Genesis pools and receive RABBIT tokens continuously for up to 5 days! You can directly proceed to use the accumulated RABBIT to provide LP and earn rewards by farming the LP. Why a longer than usual Genesis period? This is because there will be no RABBIT-FTM for RABBIT reward pool, so all of the initial RABBIT rewards are allocated solely to the Genesis pools. Moreover, the BUNNY farms will open 3 days after protocol launch, so you will be able to farm for BUNNYs after just 3 days.
The Genesis pools charge a small one-time deposit fee of 1%. These funds will support the development costs of building our metaverse gaming ecosystem, which will provide significant long-term value to the participants of MyRabbitFarm. Moreover, both our team allocation and treasury allocation is small at only 2500 BUNNYs and vest over 365 days. We decided to go with this fee model because capital appreciation of RABBIT and BUNNY is where the money is made. A small team/treasury allocation encourages price appreciation of our tokens to the benefit of all game participants. Too many protocols wrongly give the founders massive token allocations, only to be immediately dumped on the market. Check out the 'Tokens & Allocation' section for a detailed breakdown of the token allocation.
Again, we want to promote an equitable game experience so that everyone can benefit from the capital appreciation of the RABBIT & BUNNY tokens!

Equippable NFTs for Early Genesis Pool Entry

Similar to how you would equip a sword or armor in a game for a stat bonus, you will be able to "equip" our unique NFTs to gain a yield boost in the form of early access to the Genesis Pools for up to 12 hours. Check out our Genesis Pools page for more info.
A Beautiful Golden Legendary Chicken

Pool Reward Distribution

There will be 6 Genesis Pools, allowing you to earn RABBIT with a multitude of tokens. They are listed below alongside their reward allocation in parenthesis. USDC (30%), USDT (30%), wFTM (17.5%), DAI (17.5%), CHICKEN (2.5%), and/or EGG (2.5%)