How to Provide Liquidity

In order to provide Liquidity, we first have to purchase either BUNNY or RABBIT (have a look at our "How to buy RABBIT section if you need help in doing so), depending on which you want to provide liquidity for.
Providing liquidity is possible on Spookyswap. Head over to the Liquidity tab on the left side of your screen. Connect your wallet (Make sure your Metamask is on the FTM Opera Network). Now you have to choose Ingredient A and B. Ingredient A will be FTM and ingredient B will either be RABBIT or BUNNY. Note: Ingredients A and B must be equal in value (SpookySwap will automatically calculate this for you)
If RABBIT or BUNNY do not show up, please copy/paste the address shown below manually.
RABBIT: 0xe665B8185F697F215cD6cAc8c19FE9E1d849D6de
BUNNY: 0x5Ede4cbA2C30EEd50043cE35163A906AD44E2503
Click on supply and accept the transaction in your wallet.
Now that you have provided LP, you can head over to MyRabbitFarm and farm your LP's.