Our definition of a gaming Metaverse is an ecosystem where NFTs and DeFi intersect, synergistically improving the use-case of one another. As it pertains to MyRabbitFarm, our BUNNY tokens are used to mint RABBIT NFTs, which will provide real financial utility within our gaming metaverse, for example, in the form of enhanced yield farming abilities. Rarer RABBIT NFTs may provide higher stat bonuses compared to more common ones, and all of them will be tradable on the open market. Moreover, these RABBIT NFTs will have upgradable skills that can level up over time. This is the next step in building an ecosystem that is home to various yield farming protocols that are all connected to each other economically.
A zombie rabbit NFT from our Legendary Collection
Users can then utilize our in-house NFT marketplace to immediately buy & sell their RABBIT NFTs. Enabling trade is essential to driving financial value to these assets, and our in-house NFT marketplace allows us to provide the best experience for our users.